Solutions and Services

Terry Consulting provides a wide range of professional solutions and services developed by experts. These services range from architecture, design and development of software solutions, web development, mobile applications development, cloud development and database services.

To develop any solution or provide any service, knowing and understanding it is first most important aspect. Understanding client’s needs and requirements accurately is the key factor. Then comes Planning : end product that is to be delivered, best and suitable technology to use for creating measurable values, features and flow of the product and time duration required to deliver the product. Then comes Confirming with the client. For us, explaining and clearing all above process is as important as planning it. That’s because many times, clients may not be aware of the impact of one process on another, so we intend to keep clarity between both of us.

To achieve the above, Communication is the key role for which we are positively well know and clients are highly satisfied with our Communications.

Customized Desktop Applications are designed and developed for automation of business workflow processes as per client’s needs and requirements. Stand-alone applications for Single user and Multiple users. Client-Server, Remote applications. Database and Database Oriented application, Console applications. Installation Setup, Up-gradation, Version management. Accessibility to internal and external hardware’s.

Desktop applications     Client-Server Remote     Remote apps

Mobile Devices includes devices that are used mobile/wireless like scanner, bar code reader, etc of various companies like Motorola, Datalogic, etc. For development of Mobile Devices, the device company’s API/SDK (if exists) and/or any third-party API (optional) to be used, is used to develop applications making it efficient, user-friendly, ease of operations and a worthy application based on clients’ needs and requirements. Our specialization in Mobile Device Development includes Win CE, which is the operating system of most of the mobile devices.

Datalogic Memor X3 Mobile device

Developing applications for Mobile Phones has been a wide range. We have started delivering Mobile Phone application when Symbian and J2ME phones were widely used. Today, in addition, we develop applications for Android, Windows Phone/Mobile and iOS platform phones. Also develop Cross-Platform mobile applications.Our expertise in mobile development includes native application development respectively.

Web Application development has variety of technology to be used. Our expertise include usage of .NET technology for developing Web applications. For designing website, have proficiency in striking the precise sense of balance of the looks, the business needs, requirements as well as aspirations. Web applications are developed with Compatibility of Cross-browser managing and handling Security, Performance, Load, Stress, Accessibility, Usability, etc.

Terry Consulting provides Web Application Development for companies as per their needs and requirements.  In today’s world, with companies having branches in various locations of the globe, Web application helps them to keep everything synchronized and updated, be in touch with any client of them through out the world. Web Applications have proved to be more efficient and fast access compared to Client/Server and Remote applications.

This also helps the companies to deploy their web application on Cloud using appropriate Cloud Platform and making their business process more easier and being up-to-date in all aspects and areas of the company. Our expertise in Web Development includes ASP.NET.

cloud application desktop web mobile database     web application CRM CMS  cloud web application

Database and Database Design and Development is a requirement for most of the applications irrespective of the platform. Terry Consulting provides database designing, developing and implementation of database for various databases including MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Ms Excel, DBase, XML, LINQ, etc. We also develop Database Oriented Application as per your needs and requirements.

database MS Access MS SQL MySQL Ms Excel DBase XML LINQ database MS Access MS SQL MySQL Ms Excel DBase XML LINQ server   database MS Access MS SQL MySQL Ms Excel DBase XML LINQ application reporting

Database Services includes Data Mining, Data Processing, Data Scrapping and Data Entry. Our team is proficient to provide you these services with best rate of accuracy. Accuracy level in Data Entry has been maintained in range of 92% – 97%.


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